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We formed Wellbeing & Legacy in 2017 having been inspired by our own personal experiences and the results from other pilot schemes focused on the wellbeing of those in the ‘third age’ of life, such as, inter-generational engagement and interaction. We felt our passion and desire to do something in this space, aligned with our combined experience could deliver something transformational.

Meet the team

Piotr Blazewicz
Co-Founder, CEO
I have worked in Advertising, Marketing & Media for almost 22 years, helping to build brands and create connections, however, it did not deliver long-term fulfillment. So I searched around myself and my close ones and realised the importance of life at every stage, especially the last quarter of it. Understanding the value of human connections, multi-generational interaction, purpose, legacy and wellbeing, I felt compelled to do something about it.
I am also a very average but consistent triathlete, half-marathon runner and a cook. I love being active, exploring the countryside, trying new things and enjoying life with my family and friends around me. I am a son, a father and grandchild and want to keep a snapshot of life forever.
Nick Mounteer
I’ve spent most of my professional life leading the marketing and operations of digital, commercial enterprises. I’ve enjoyed delivering growth and to start-ups, public and private companies but this is something I can be truly passionate about. It’s easy to love what we are doing because the wellbeing of those we care about is something close to all of our hearts and there are no limits to what I think we can achieve.
My other passions are running, my record collection, old pubs, playing a variety of instruments for my own entertainment, cooking and, of course, my friends and family.
Matt Kotnik
Co-Founder, CTO
I’ve worked as a developer and entrepreneur for 25 years. I developed hotel access systems, conference attendance systems based on proximity cards, ran a student pub, a publishing house, developed educational games for schools. I love projects that combine the technology with making people’s life easier. With this team, we can develop products that will have real impact on peoples lives, especially the most vulnerable ones.
I’m also passionate about my family, with whom I try to spend all my spare time.

Combined Experience

of combined ecommerce experience
start-ups and brands
Managed annual budgets upwards of
Built and managed teams of 250+ across 10 countries and 4 continents
Held CEO, MD, CRO, COO and CTO roles
Won an award from the EU for Innovative Ideas
Delivered annual revenues upwards of
Developed and launched
products and apps

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